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Artificial Turf Department

Opened in 2016, Next 2 Natural is the Artificial Turf Department of Graff’s Turf. Established in 1979, Graff’s Turf are a sod farm supplying natural grass across the US.

We are the official artificial lawn installation company in Colorado, USA for Royal Grass®.

Royal Grass® and Graff’s Turf

Here at Graff’s Turf, we have partnered with the producer of Royal Grass® to bring you Next 2 Natural Turf.

Synthetic grass manufactured by Royal Grass® is distributed by Graff’s Turf here in Fort Morgan, Colorado. To date, we are one of two distributors of Royal Grass® the United States.

At Graff’s Turf, we realized that the need for artificial lawns is rising, and we wanted to have the best synthetic grass products available to meet the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves with providing the best quality at the highest value, so we did our research. Through our extensive search for luscious artificial lawns we found Royal Grass®. Through Royal Grass®, we can meet the expectations that we put before ourselves and our customers.

The producers of Next 2 Natural understand our that our customers want to enjoy their perfectly green lawn, without all of the chores and costs involved in having real grass. We paired with Royal Grass® because they help us to provide not only the easiest lawn to maintain, but the best looking in the neighborhood.

Royal Grass® Technology

The key things that we found most intriguing about Royal Grass® are the new technologies that they are using to help make synthetic grass more durable, more authentic and most importantly more realistic. MiNT is what we call the Micro Nerve Technology, and this goes with the V-shape. Between these two technologies, the blade’s shape, color and texture look as closely to real grass as possible. The other technology that they are using in artificial lawns is called ReaDY. This stands for Realistic Directional Yarn. This is why the grass lays in all different directions just like real sod.

Free Samples

We send free samples of Royal Grass® in the post. Click below to get your sample pack! When you touch and see the quality of our artificial turf, you will want it in your garden.

royal grass service partner
royal grass service partner